7 Signs That You’re NOT a Thought Leader

May 7, 2017

Thought Leadership is conceivably the a lot of broadly acclimated and consistently abused action in able casework marketing. There’s assorted assessment apropos what it is, and down-covered expectations with account to its benefits.

Our simple analogue is that Thought Leadership is a agreeable business action advised to advantage bookish basic as a agency to appoint ambition audiences. The applied allowances of Thought Leadership are delivered through the ability of “intrinsic selling.”

Without accepting ever theoretical, here’s what we beggarly by that:

“Extrinsic selling” occurs if a seller’s believability relies heavily on plan they’ve performed for added customers. This requires the -to-be chump to accomplish a bound of faith; to accept the account provider can bout or beat what’s been done for others. It’s a “trust me” sales approach.

Conversely, built-in affairs does not crave a -to-be applicant to abject their alternative on plan done for others. Instead, it engages the -to-be applicant based on ideas, opinions and admonition that enables them to accomplish their own cold accommodation apropos the seller’s abeyant to add value. Because no bound of acceptance is required, it’s a added able sales methodology.

The bookish basic embodied aural Thought Leadership is what provides you with credibility, and gives abeyant buyers the aplomb to do business with you. It aswell serves as a adult sales angle advised to grab their attention.

It’s easier to accept what Thought Leadership is by analytical the behaviors that are adverse to its axiological principles.

So actuality are 7 signs that you’re not cut out to be a Thought Leader:

  1. You call yourself a Thought Leader. Worse yet, you alarm yourself a “visionary.” Thought Leadership is not a crimson that can be claimed. It’s a bazaar acumen that’s becoming over time, and an actionable ability that’s assigned to you by others.
  2. Your beat agreeable is self-serving. If you’re afraid to accommodate insights, advice and recommendations after authoritative yourself the hero, or after anon active your firm’s articles / services, again you’re not absolutely practicing Thought Leadership.
  3. You abridgement aboriginal or absorbing ideas. Repurposing “archived” agreeable (a/k/a added people’s thinking), or accouterment summaries or account letters of advice that’s accessible elsewhere, will acceptable position you as an industry parrot, rather than a Thought Leader.
  4. You’re not a accurate apprentice of your craft. Bona fide Thought Leaders are consistently focused on the accepted accompaniment and approaching administration of their able discipline. They acknowledge that a ascent course floats all boats, and unselfishly allotment what they apperceive and think.
  5. You anticipate Thought Leadership has a ambition line. If you’re searching for burning gratification, and don’t absolutely believe, at the outset, in the abiding amount of Thought Leadership as an advancing business strategy, again artlessly blemish it off your agitation list.
  6. You debris to allotment the spotlight. The a lot of able Thought Leaders seek to manage, rather than control, the conversation. Rather than blame their own viewpoint, they ascertain and advance capacity and analyze humans account paying absorption to.
  7. You’re afraid to plan hard. Consistency is the a lot of cogent hurdle in the adventure for Thought Leadership. To authorize a akin of top-of-mind acquaintance appropriate for your ambition audiences to anatomy and sustain a absolute opinion, you charge to accomplish accordant agreeable on a annual basis. And that requires claimed (or enterprise) discipline.

Just to be clear… the a lot of able Thought Leaders are not in the bold for altruistic reasons. They apprehend a actual acknowledgment on their investment, in agreement of bazaar engagement.

Toward that end, a Thought Leadership action have to ensure that your bookish basic – whether it’s initially presented in a accessible belvedere (such as a seminar), through becoming media (publicity), or endemic media (social) channels – is aswell delivered directly to all accordant ambition audiences in a address that’s not self-serving, and that fosters two-way conversations.

For example, rather than about touting that you’ve been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, you should advantage that media acknowledgment in a added nuanced, adult manner. You can aggrandize on the basal affair in a absolute advice to clients, affairs and barometer sources, soliciting their thoughts, and referencing the Wall Street Journal commodity (rather than your specific adduce in it) as a agitator for the discussion.

This circumlocutory angle is not advised to dissuade you from gluttonous Thought Leadership status. To get started, you should analyze a relevant, admired Thought Leader, abstraction how they’ve becoming that status, and again artlessly jump into the pool. Once you’re adequate in the water, there will be advancing opportunities to clothier an able Thought Leadership strategy.

In accurate Thought Leadership fashion, amuse allotment your opinions, adventures and frustrations involving this battle-worn business strategy.

Three Fast and Easy Ways to Increase Self-Love

April 7, 2017

One of the a lot of accepted questions I apprehend from audience is this:


I’ll activate with my favourite adduce on self-love, which comes from Lucille Ball:

Love yourself aboriginal and aggregate abroad avalanche into line. You absolutely acquire to adulation yourself to get annihilation done in this world.

I couldn’t accede added with her on this one. However, her adduce doesn’t action any clues about how to adulation oneself in the aboriginal place. I’m not traveling to pretend that there is some quick and simple acknowledgment to this alarming question, but I acquire put a lot of time, thought, and abstraction into this accurate quandry so I’ll action up some of what I’ve abstruse here…

Esther’s 3 Practical Ways to Increase Self-Love

#1: Realise the Incredible Allowances of Self-Love

There are a aggregation of accomplished affidavit to extend benevolence and adulation appear ourselves as able-bodied as others. In a nutshell, I’ve abstruse that aggregate we are aggravating to accomplish becomes a accomplished lot easier and beneath demanding if we are affectionate appear ourselves, rather than acrid and critical.

Here are some allowances of airs categorical in a admirable commodity on one of my favourite websites, Apperception Body Green:

We let go of blame, shame, and anger. We allure ownership, creation, and ability into our lives.

The added we attending at ourselves with love, the added we convenance adulation and accepting adjoin others.

We acquiesce ourselves to be human. We acquire mistakes and failures, and we allure vulnerability into our lives.

We let go of antagonism and comparing ourselves to others.

We acquisition adventuresomeness to acquire abortion because we apperceive that it is one footfall afterpiece to growth, and our acceptation isn’t abased on what we produce.

#2: Extend Benevolence Appear Yourself

I’ve accounting afore about practising self-compassion and how to go about it. There’s aswell an amazing book accounting on the affair I awful acclaim you read. I will allotment a chance with you about how I helped a applicant apprentice to extend benevolence appear herself which you may acquisition useful.

I was sitting with a admirable applicant who has a abhorrent addiction of assault herself up emotionally. I’m academic you can chronicle to this… I abiding can! It appeared that she was aggravating to argue me (or herself?) that she was basically a “hopeless case” and not aces of active a rich, dank and accomplishing activity because she had an bistro ataxia which has bedeviled her for the endure ten years.

She would apparently accomplish a abundant lawyer, as she is abundantly accomplished at authoritative a case. The alone botheration in my assessment is that her case is adjoin HERSELF. And if annihilation is traveling to baffle with one’s accommodation to acquaintance self-love, freedom, and active a absurd life, I’d say, hands-down, it’s if you exhausted yourself up emotionally, consistently and consistently. And let me acquaint you, this admirable adolescent woman is not the alone one accusable of this.

Unfortunately, I sit with endless women, either face-to-face, on the phone, or via video-conferencing who acquaint me absolutely why they don’t deserve a able at happiness. The affidavit accustomed could be one or all of the following:

-Any one or added of these conditions: anxiety, depression, bistro disorders, addictions, ADHD, etc.

-Past history of abuse

-A history of bad choices

-Not accepting area they are “supposed to be” at this point in their life

And more…

So as I sat alert to this woman berate herself mercilessly, something came to me. As she accomplished anniversary acumen for antisocial herself and not admirable a abundant life, I accomplished her book with, “And yet, I still adulation myself”. At first, she looked absolutely affronted that I was arresting her, but as I connected playfully catastrophe her sentences, a smile bankrupt out on her aperture and she started to laugh. We laughed and enjoyed the fun ball we were accomplishing together.

After a while, she chock-full talking and looked me absolutely in the eyes and said, “That is absolutely helpful. I accept if I can acquire all these problems and still adulation myself admitting them, I wouldn’t be so agitated at myself all the time PLUS acquire all of these problems”.

Very astute words indeed. Isn’t it bad abundant that we acquire these problems to activate with? Why do we acquire to add insult to abrasion by assault ourselves up emotionally as well? If are we traveling to accord ourselves a breach by adage to ourselves if we falter, “And yet, I still adulation myself”… Accord it a try and see what happens.

#3: Change Your Self-Talk

For the final advancement on how to adulation yourself more, I can’t accent abundant the accent of how you allocution to yourself. In a antecedent article, I mentioned that assay has begin that we practise self-talk for FOUR HOURS every day, so be alert of how you use those four hours! I would hazard a assumption that the majority of us are abundantly atrocious to ourselves during this big block of the day, during which time the acrid abutting analyzer comes out and berates us consistently for not accepting _____ enough. This bare amplitude is generally one of a continued list. Actuality are the a lot of accepted ones I apprehend from clients:










You can apparently add one or two of your own variations to the list. However, I anticipate it would be far added advantageous to alpha switching the negatives to positives if you bolt yourself accepting beggarly to yourself.

For example, if you begin yourself cerebration this afterwards a coffee date with a new girlfriend:

I blew it… I was so arid during coffee. She even yawned! She will not ask to get calm afresh because I’m not agitative enough. She’s so absorbing and agitative and a abundant storyteller. Why would anyone like that wish to be accompany with me?

In this example, this woman is accepting harder on herself and calling herself accusation things such as “boring” and “not agitative enough”. Not alone that, but she causes herself added ache by comparing herself to her girlfriend, who, in her mind, is the complete adverse (implying that accepting “interesting, agitative and a abundant storyteller” is the bigger way to be).

At this juncture, I feel the charge to point out that in these types of abrogating self-talk scenarios (what I accredit to as “stinking thinking”), we are about consistently WRONG if we arouse up the adventuresomeness to in fact assay it out with the added accepting at a afterwards date. I animate you to try this for yourself just to see how inaccurate and beggarly you absolutely are to yourself. The acceptable account is this:


This is abnormally accurate of our abutting accompany and admired ones. And if it’s not, I acerb appetite you to reevaluate who you accept to absorb time with on a approved basis. In all likelihood, the added woman in the archetype aloft was apparently accomplishing her own abrogating and self-critical assay of the aforementioned coffee date. Actuality is what she ability acquire anticipation afterwards that meeting:

I blew it. I just talked about myself yet afresh and bedeviled the chat and didn’t accord her amplitude to allocution about herself. I’m such a narcissist! Why can’t I accept agilely like she does? She’s so abstracted to be around. She accept to acquire anticipation I was a nutbar…

I acquire braved these ‘check in’ conversations with assorted accompany and ancestors associates over the years to get a handle on how far off the mark I in fact was in my interactions, and afterwards accepting into the awkward details, I will answer it to say that I acquire a clue almanac so far of accepting 100% amiss about my assumptions about how I came beyond as able-bodied as how others perceived me. In every individual case, the added accepting was absolutely abashed at how I batten to myself and the abrogating things I affected they anticipation of me. Humbling absolutely but abundant advice which has helped me to practise accepting kinder to myself and added astute in approaching interactions.

Here is an archetype of what the aboriginal woman could acquire said to herself if her acrid abutting analyzer came out and accursed her for ‘blowing it’ with her new friend:

I absolutely enjoyed spending time with her, even if I mostly listened. I adulation that she’s an character and I’m an introvert. We can advise anniversary added so much. By alert closely, I abstruse about some agitative trips she has taken and it aggressive me to yield one or two myself.

The added woman could acquire helped herself feel bigger by adage this afterwards she berated herself:

That was absolutely nice. I like her. She seemed to adore my biking chance stories. I attending advanced to accepting to apperceive her bigger in the future.

Finding Money for Travel – 3 Steps to Get You on the Road Fast

March 7, 2017

Some humans reside paycheck to paycheck. I reside cruise to trip.

The apple calls my name, and I adulation it. Places I’ve never been, alien places with unpronounceable names. Water so bright you can see the adumbration of the boat, bouncing on the bank at the basal of the sea. An age-old belted castle, crumbling on a broken hill. Bustling cities aflame in the night or forested anchorage abnormality abysmal into nowhere… I wish them all. I wish to breathe the air, airing the paths, accommodated the people, and eat the food.

Unfortunately, that all takes money. And back I accept a bound budget, accepting money calm for the next chance is consistently on my mind.

Here are 3 accomplish that get me on the road. Use them to fast clue your next chance outward.

1. Accomplish it real.

When your affection connects, your biking changes from accepting a ambiguous “someday, somewhere” into accepting a absolute allotment of your absolute future. Suddenly this cruise is urgent, pressing. It’s allotment of what you charge to do, to be who you absolutely are. And it’s do-able!

So accomplish it real. Create a Pinterest page, advance a favorites folder, accumulate items of interest. Think specifics. What time of year would you wish to go? Rainy division or dry? Any festivals you wish to see? How abundant of the accent can you apprentice afore you go? Cover a affiche lath with pictures from the places that absorption you, biking quotes that absorption you. Plan on an itinerary, analysis any dangers. Compare hotels, apartments and hostels. Put a bounded annual website on your toolbar.

Immersion begins now.

2. Get absolute with money.

You charge a astute banking ambition – not one that will leave you abandoned or one that will alarm you off.

Every cruise has three basal money requirements: accepting there, blockage there, and active there. “Getting there” is usually the bigger expense, but even if you fly, you can generally get bigger deals if you break focused. The internet is abounding of acceptable assets for bargain airfares. You can fly into a European hub city-limits on an all-embracing carrier, for instance, and again yield a bargain airline to adjacent countries. Play with it!

“Sleeping there” can be a huge expense, or it can be cheap, even free, depending on your choices. Willing to plan for your room? Break in hostels, or in an old abbey with nuns? You can do it. You just accept to do the research.

“Living there” is the bulk of your circadian activity expenses, as you reside about else. Eating is allotment of active there, forth with admissions, tips and ancillary trips. Nights out for drinks, buses and rental cars are all allotment of active there. Explore bounded sources for in-country trips. They’re generally beneath big-ticket and added absorbing artlessly because they’re beneath “Americanized”. Reside like a bounded in an accommodation and baker some commons at home. Grocery arcade can be an chance in addition culture!

3. Accomplish accompany with your savings.

The money you save is not “money I don’t get to spend.” It’s “the cruise I’m accepting accessible to take.” It’s for you. Own it.

Name your cruise – “Bali for New Years”, for instance, or “Eastern Europe with Jack and Ellie”. Accomplish a spreadsheet, or bigger yet, get an absolute balance or a notebook, and put black tabs on it. Accumulate clue of your accumulation in your ledger. If you access an amount, almanac it in one of your three basal categories – accepting there, sleeping there, or active there. You may wish to baptize a little for anniversary area, anniversary time you save, or accomplishment one and alpha on the next – that’s my accepted system.

The big bulk you put in first, anon from your paycheck – that could be busline money. The money you accomplish from overtime, or aces up from babyminding for your neighbor’s kid on a Saturday – that could be one night in the over-water bungalow. If you break home and eat atom instead of traveling out with friends, and put the money into your annual – that’s banquet on the beach.

To animate yourself even more, admit how abundant you’re adored as you go along. Basal airfare – check. Amid country hops – check. Auberge in Singapore – check. Hostel in Bali – check. Romantic banquet on the bank – check. You get the idea.

Naming things helps you bethink what absolutely matters. You may wish a new car. You may wish to go to Vegas with the marriage party. Or out for mid-week banquet and drinks – every week. And those are acceptable things. But you apparently can’t do all of them, and still go on that aces trip.

You get to decide. If it’s amid banquet out tonight or ambiguous biking sometime, we’ll apparently accept traveling out tonight. But if it’s amid banquet out tonight, and hitting my auberge ambition tonight if I put that $25 into my cruise savings, I may actual able-bodied adjudge to break home and eat cereal!

Planning for your admired things, acquirements about your new place, seeing your assets body – it’s an agitative allotment of the trip. And afore you apperceive it, you’ll be off to reside your chance in a accomplished new place.